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Shape that RFP to your advantage

It’s no longer enough to respond to an RFP with a compliant proposal.  Unless you have actively involved yourself in helping the buyer shape that RFP, the chances are good that your compliant proposal will be nothing but answers to questions that were written by two or three of your competitors.

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Think BIG about the Federal Contracting Space

In this interview with international business expert, speaker and social media marketing influencer, Akia Garnett, I provide tips on shaping products and services to meet federal standards, establishing a lead generation process,  writing proposals to meet the unique requirements of a scope of work, and what to do when you finally land the contract. 

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Brand Proposition

Your company provides something of value. But why is it of value? How does it help the buyer solve a problem? Dozens (maybe hundreds) of other companies sell the same service that you do. Successful vendors identify a “unique selling proposition." That simply means, what are you willing to do for your customer that your competitors either can’t or won’t? The real question is, how are you different?

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