Market Snapshot

What Benefits Do you Get:

  • Uncover who is buying your company offering, how they buy it and when.

  • Get in front of RFPs so that you can market to buyers and partners

  • Support your decisions on Business Develop resource allocations with data, not hunches

  • Focus your efforts on higher probability efforts: UP YOUR WIN RATE

In the federal contracting game, information is power. Too many contractors, especially new ones, wait for an opportunity to appear on FedBizOpps and then decide if it is right for them. Sometimes this works, more often it does not. Smart businesses get out in front of the RFP and learn more about the buyer, prepare teaming arrangements, and get on the right mechanism. The ZKDS market snapshot will put you in control of the your success factors instead of you reacting to the latest thing in your in-box.

Here is what we do…

Who buys what you sell in the Federal government?

o   Which offices and agencies

o   What are points of contact in the government for learning about future procurements.

Who won the business previously?

o   Who are your possible partners?

o   Who are your competitors?

What is the dollar value of the work by NAICS and PSC codes? (so you pick the best ones to pursue and keep on top of emerging opportunities)

How do they buy the services? (so you don’t waste time on work you cannot access)

o   What purchasing mechanisms do they use? (GSA, GWAC, agency-specific IDIQ, definitive contract, purchase order, simplified acquisition)

o   How is the work split between full and open competitions and set-asides?

Where is the work done? (narrow your search by where you can deliver)

What is the forecast for upcoming purchases? (so you can plan your marketing)

o   What contracts coming to an end that will be re-competed

o   Their anticipated value and award date

 Based on this report ZKDS will make recommendations about how to proceed in terms of

  • Priority agencies and offices

  • Industry partners to research and target in marketing efforts

  • Upcoming procurements to track 

  • Important contract vehicles for you to consider together with known re-compete or on-ramp dates. 

Don’t stumble around in the dark and arrive at the game unprepared. Get market intelligence that you can use to market smarter and win more.

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