Marketing Strategy Pack

What Benefits do you Get?

  • Articulate what differentiates your company

  • Describe in compelling terms how your offering provides value

  • Provide focused and consistent messaging.

Your company provides something of value. But why is it of value? How does it help the buyer solve a problem? Dozens (maybe hundreds) of other companies sell the same service that you do. Successful vendors identify a unique selling proposition (USP) that clearly sets out their differentiators. Having a succinct and motivating story for your company is key to capturing the attention of buyers and partners.

With the marketing strategy pack, we employ industry best practices to craft a strong elevator pitch, tag line and capability statement.

Here is how it works:

  1. We start off with a strategy teleconference in which ZKDS will lead a 90-minute teleconference with the client to discuss the key attributes of your company’s USP and review the current marketing materials for your company.

 In it we cover:

  • What passion drives your business?

  • What is your offering?

  • Describe your customer in as much detail as you can. What motivates them?

  • How is your offering different from what the customer is using now?

  • How does the customer measure the impact of your offering?

 2. Next, you will get a strategy summary based on the findings from the teleconference that maps recommendations for next steps.

3. Finally ZKDS will produce a set of products for marketing your company. Usually these deliverables include:

  • A 30-second elevator pitch

  • Company tag line

  • Corporate capability statement

These products are the core items for marketing your business and can be re-purposed in print, online and social media materials as needed to raise visibility.

Four elements of a successful brand offering…