Expert Proposal Support

Creating excellent proposals can be stressful; especially for small businesses. Let us augment your internal proposal support capacities during busy periods. We will handle your proposal management, so your team can continue to focus on delivery

What can we do for you?

  • Opportunity assessment to assist you in making the go/no-go decision

  • Market evaluation to understand the competitive environment for this opportunity and office

  • Proposal review and recommended contractor questions

  • Proposal Win Themes Brainstorm

  • Create a proposal outline and compliance matrix so you can quickly assign roles on your internal team.

  • Conduct a compliance check on proposal drafts.

  • Preparation of a proposal timeline

  • Manage the proposal team by running the proposal kick-off, regular check-in meetings, reminding them of due dates, facilitating the collection of information needed to complete their sections

  • Maintain the proposal sections and drafts (book boss)

  • Review draft sections for alignment with win themes, compelling story lines, internal consistency and common writing weaknesses

ZKDS staff and associates have decades of experience in managing federal proposals and can help your company produce more compelling submissions. We can tailor the parameters of each engagement to make sure it meets your needs and budget.

“Thanks so much Jim. You were a tremendous asset and help with this effort”
— Meredith Williams, Senior Principal, Atlas Research