Business development/capture planning

Successful federal contractors have a clear vision for their firm based on market intelligence, a realistic assessment of their competitors and an understanding of their unique value proposition. We can help you find your niche and build a pipeline of opportunities on which you can focus your limited development resources for maximum return on investment. 


Collateral materials development

Succinct, professional and compelling leave-behinds help your staff understand how to market your company and make for a more memorable pitch visit. Our consultants create compelling marketing materials  that clearly tell the story of what you do. 


In-person and webinar training

We produce off-the-shelf and customized training on all aspects of capture management, in the pre-bid, proposal and post-bid phases. We have trained groups from 3 to 300 and can scale our products according to your time and resource constraints. 

Here is an outline for a popular partnerships training. 

Market research

Using commercially available databases we can find the contract mechanisms your target office uses to buy what you sell and from whom they are buying now. Our Market Snapshot will help inform your decisions about where the best opportunities lay for your company, when the work is set to recompete and with whom you should team in order to put together a compelling solution.  We also can do sample agency spending report if you want to do a deep dive into candidate agency spending patterns.

Proposal management/support

During the busy proposal season it can be tough for a small firm to continue to push forward on delivery while responding to an important RFP. Using tested proposal management tools and templates we help you organize the strategy, writing, pricing and review of your response. We work with you to set win themes, organize your response, keep team members on task and supported so you put your best face forward on the proposal, while continuing to meet the demands of your existing clients. Check out our proposal support packages.

Jim has a rare and valuable combination of experience, knowledge and skills required to understand and navigate the complex government contracting world. He also knows what it takes to win and is insightful on how to demonstrate value and competitive advantages. All that, and he is a joy to work with.
— Mike Rosen Managing Principal; PRR, Inc