Using Strategic Partnerships in a Tough Recompete

Situation: We were the incumbent on three large communications contracts in one office and the client was under pressure to try new contractors. One was up for recompete in 6 months. While we had a good track record, we felt vulnerable in that we were not on the forefront of new technology. We knew our competitors could exploit that weakness. 

What we Did: We sought out and partnered with a national ad firm which had an interest in expanding their federal work. When the RFP dropped there were unexpected requirements that drove us to quickly add two other team members. We worked with the team members to develop a completely new solution to the client needs.  

Results: We won the recompete in what was reported as the most competitive procurement ever for this office.  

Mobilizing Foundation Resources for Wellness

Situation: Members of the National Education Association (NEA) suffered chronic health problems due to environmental hazards, policy constraints and lack of support for making healthy life choices. While NEA members and leadership recognized the problem, we needed to find a connection to NEA's core mission to get full buy-in for the solution.  

What we Did: We conducted numerous conversations with members and leaders to clearly define the problem and identify a solution they could support. We co-created a plan with Kaiser Permanente for convening a conversation with union, district and health plan leaders to develop a framework for addressing school employee wellness through collective bargaining.  

Results: We obtained in-kind support from three divisions within NEA and funding from two foundations to support the planning for the wellness framework as well as a pilot project in one NEA local.  

Jim’s leadership role at NEA Healthy Futures created innovative opportunities for partnership with Kaiser Permanente to address the health and well being of school employees. Jim demonstrated his ability to develop strategies that could be a win-win-win for unions, districts and health plans. He was able to leverage internal support from NEA and find champions in the state affiliates.
— Peggy Agron National Director, Healthy Schools at Kaiser Permanente