A Long Term Development Strategy Pays Off

Situation:  As a result of a corporate re-organization, a new group was created with 4 staff, a tiny project portfolio and held a single contracting mechanism. 

What we Did: We committed ourselves to excellent service delivery, differentiating our offering by focusing on our strengths, protecting our incumbent work and expanding thoughtfully and deliberately. Over time our clients called on us to provide new services which we first accomplished through partnerships and then by expanding our internal capabilities.  

Results: Over a 10-year period we grew from 4 to 46 staff and saw gross revenue increase from $400K to $25MM. We consistently ranked in the top 3 contractors for revenue on a key IQC mechanism. Because of our steady growth curve, we were able to offer new opportunities to staff and experienced a high retention rate.

Sound Proposal Management Nets a $13MM Win

Situation: A large business had a strong reputation in a communications office based on a long term project that was winding down. A comprehensive support contract with broader requirements was coming up for recompete. To win we would have to convince the review panel that our team had the capabilities and content expertise to handle all the office's needs as well as differentiating ourselves from a well-entrenched incumbent. 

What we Did: The RFP was complex requiring subcontractors and a large internal team each working on discrete tasks and sections. We took on the proposal management functions, working with the capture manager to define win themes, give specific assignments to staff and run the draft reviews. We took the lead on the pricing proposal submitted under the GSA-FSS schedule. We knew that price would be a factor and made sure we re-worked our budget until we arrived at our most competitive offer. 

Results: We won this single-award IQC with a ceiling value of $13MM over 5 years. We also successfully defended the award from a protest by the previous incumbent.